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    Kurt d’Haeseleer

    Kurt d’Haeseleer has been the artistic director of Werktank, a production company for media art in Bierbeek, since 2010. He is also a video artist and produces videos and (interactive) installations, such as Scripted Emotions, Fossilization and S*CKMYP, all of which were presented at international festivals and performances in Rotterdam, Tokyo, Montreal, Paris, Berlin and elsewhere.

    D’Haeseleer’s work is about the visualisation and symbolisation of the dynamics of information and data in an era of fibre optic cables, computers and modems. He studies the physical and urbanist impact of speed and translates the global presence of media into meta images. Media are symbolised by layers of sticky pixel textures, noise and interactivity. Special effects play an important role in his work, which can probably best be described as a ‘pixel-drama’ or ‘pixel-soap’, and often lies at the intersection of painting, video clips, cinema and performance.

    d’Haeseleer also regularly works as a video designer in theatre, dance and opera and also creates his own performances. He did the video design for Guy Cassiers’ Ring Cycle at La Scala and has collaborated with Ictus, Georges Aperghis, Transparant, Kollectif Barakha, Isabella Soupart, Jon Hassell, Annabel Schellekens, Joji Inc, TUK, Peter Verhelst, Köhn and BL!NDMAN.

    The Dutch saxophone quartet BL!NDMAN was founded by Eric Sleichim in 1988. With a traditional set of musicians BL!NDMAN focused on the development of new performance techniques and a substantial expansion of the repertoire for saxophone. In 2008 the desire for a more structural cooperation between quartets of different generations resulted in the creation of a collective of four quartets. Since then the original quartet, BL!INDMAN [sax], has had twenty years of stage experience with three young quartets: BL!INDMAN [drums], BL!INDMAN [vox] and BL!INDMAN [strings].

    Their multidisciplinary approach has yielded Eric Sleichim and BL!INDMAN an international reputation. Since they started they have been commissioned by the theatre and dance world and have provided various silent films with live music. Moreover, Sleichim and BL!INDMAN have also been regularly asked to create programmes for special occasions, such as the location project The Raft of the Medusa for the opening of the Museum aan de Stroom in Antwerp.

    In the autumn of 2013 BL!INDMAN celebrated its 25th anniversary with the release of the CD 32 FOOT/The Organ of Bach.

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